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Angela Colman’s work can be found in collections worldwide.
Her distinctive style is characterized by the counterpoint of intricate line drawing against washes of translucent colour and light. She works in mixed media: gouache, water colour, acrylic, ink and chalk on rough paper.
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Initially trained in botanical and zoological drawing, she also had the once traditional but now rare artist’s privilege , as a medical student at Cambridge, of dissecting and drawing the human body. Her ability to express light as colour in paint was inspired by a brilliant teacher and hours spent at lectures and in the Fitzwilliam Museum, where boxes of loose Turner water colours could be looked at and handled by undergraduates.

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Student drawing by the Artist, of Jade Buffalo in The Fitzwilliam

After graduating, Colman worked at Oxford University Press learning the basics of book editing, design and production .
She was then invited to  join the innovative and prestigious design team at the Design Council in London, who spearheaded the promotion of British Design at home and abroad, and encouraged a closer relationship between industry/designer and consumer.

Throughout she continued to paint and draw and her marriage to an international lawyer freed her to follow her career as a painter.